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Gourmet walk in Brussels +/- 2,30 hours;
10-100 persons, includes Brussels specialities

- Start at the Grand Place
- Taste Belgian tapas with a beer or soft drink in a typical Brussels cafe 'Zotte Mouche'
- Walk through the Royal Saint-Hubert Gallery and taste delicious chocolates
- Head towards the well-known Manneken-Pis and eat a delicious waffle
- See and taste famous 'merveilleux' - meringue with chocolate, as they are made
- End your walk in a Brussels 'bistro' (Toone's puppet theatre, La Becasse, or L'Imaige Notre Dame.) 
- Each team writes a little poem about Brussels;  the best wins a surprise


Option to add a Belgian momento to take with you: 
we fill a toy house with Brussels specialities  during the walk:
pralines, macarons, speculoos, cuberdons and jenever.  


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